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In addition to statewide elections, local elections occur throughout the year. Our online voter guide regularly posts information about all elections unique to your part of California.

Registering to Vote

You must be registered to vote 15 days before an election in order to vote in that election. Register to vote online in 10 languages.

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Election Law

The California Elections Code contains the list of state laws which govern our elections. The Political Reform Act, Title 9 of the California Government Code, regulates campaign financing and spending and related topics.There are also election laws contained in county and city charters.

Election Officials

Election Archive

See an archive of past election coverage on our site.

Where can I find non-partisan election information?

You can enter your address at and get your entire ballot and polling place.

Candidate Information

Leather I goat amp; KEPOM Shoes Love buff tan multi Voters will also decide who will fill the following offices:

  • U.S. Senate
  • U.S. House
  • State Senate
  • State Assembly
  • Governor
  • CA Supreme Court
  • Other Statewide Offices
  • Local government

There may also be other county, judicial, and local officers as are provided by law.

For candidate information, please visit

Note: The League never supports or opposes candidates.